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Two is the basis for love, symbiosis, and the human form. But the universe wasn’t constructed in twos. It was constructed in threes. The Three is the thing that creates longing. Three makes us doomed to forever be unhappy. And because there are three gods, there are always three options…

–Sahima (telepath), When Spirit Fails

When Spirit Fails is a science-fiction novel that takes place years after the Cascadia Event reduces a once-prosperous planet to twenty independent city-states surrounded by uninhabitable Voids. The story spans nearly two decades following the lives of Sephie, Juriy, and Lestor, who are thrust into a raging war between the impoverished worshipers of Menoe and the wealthy Temple of Kanna. A third god, the Nameless One, is presumed missing.

Sephie, Juriy, and Lestor each long a life outside the shadows of the gods. They must decide what–or whom–they will sacrifice in order to reach their dreams.

So tell me. What’s your Three?

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