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Beyond the Muur by B.C. van Tol cover art concept.

Everything on land once came from the sea…

The great muur is the only thing preventing the queendom of Eyckland from being swallowed by the sea. Only, the muur is in disrepair, and the queendom is descending into poverty. When the giant woedes, once believed extinct, emerge from the waves for the first time in fifteen years, Sanne must find a way to stop Eyckland’s ancient enemy from destroying all that she loves. To do so, she must confront the darkness of her past while remaining true to her shy nature. Beyond the Muur is a fantasy novel about the strength of quietness and the trials of loyalty. It draws inspiration from folklore of the Netherlands.

…everything on land must return to the sea.

When Spirit Fails by B.C. van Tol cover art concept.

Two is perfection. Two is the basis for love, symbiosis, and human symmetry: two eyes, hands, feet. But the world wasn’t constructed in twos. There is always the third, that extra thing we don’t have that we desire. Three makes us doomed to forever be unhappy. Because there are three gods, there are always three options.

Sephie, Juriy, and Lestor each long a life outside the shadows of the gods. They must decide what–or whom–they will sacrifice in order to reach their dreams.

So tell me. What’s your Three?

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